This is the 🦸 hero section. It has powers.

When moving a section to the hero spot at the top of your page, the section will retain your layout choice but will expand to fill the entire screen.

This section has content on the ⬅️ left and an image..

Sections can be aligned left, center, or right. Left aligned sections place the text on the left and media on the right. It also has a button to nowhere, just for fun.

This section is aligned ➡️ right and has an image.

Sections aligned left or right won't look any different on mobile as each section stacks nice and clean like. Maybe someday we'll do something about that.

This section is center ↔️ aligned with an image.

Center aligned sections stack the text on top of the image and images become full width.

Images in galleries.

Plus up your page with a fancy grid. Clicking an image will open a large preview for your viewers.

Pro tip: the crop of your photo affects layout. Combine cropping with transparency to create variety.

Here we have a Vimeo 📼 video.

Fiz page supports Vimeo or Youtube URLs. Simply paste your video URL into the field and your video will appear.

Here is an embedded 📋 form.

You can copy and paste embed code from many of your favorite apps into Fiz. When embedding from an app check to see if there are settings for size or color that could affect your layout.

Fiz uses variable 🔤 fonts. This makes it easy to control the 🧱 weight and 📐 spacing of your fonts.

Customize your background and section 🎨 colors.

Your background color affects the entire site. Changing a section color will change the top layer of each section.

Easy buttons.

Buttons are auto-generated when you paste a link into the button section of your editor. Links to certain platforms–such as Twitter or the App Store–will add their brand icon or badge. You can manually change icons or enter button text.

Bold, list, underline in no time.

Highlight some text in the editor for basic formatting capabilities.

Page settings.

Under page settings you can set SEO content such as page meta-title and description. You can also add Google Analytics and links to your legal pages.

Those are the basics.

If you still have questions, visit our support page and get in touch if you need to!

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